Small Animal Services

Caring for Dogs, Cats, Exotics & Wildlife across Connemara


Our small animal services are developing each year as we invest in top of the range equipment to offer the best and safest methods for diagnostics and surgery. For all small animal enquiries, please ring Western Veterinary on (095) 22209

Health check and Vaccinations

We recommend that your pet visits us at least once a year for their annual health check. This visit is a complete nose to tail check up, and if healthy, we can give your pet its routine vaccinations.  This annual health check is a great way for us to detect problems like dental disease, lumps or skin problems and we can give advice and/or treatment early. We strongly recommend vaccinating your pet to prevent life threatening illness. We can advise you on the specific vaccinations that will meet your pets individual needs.



Neutering offers huge health benefits and can reduce behavioural problems in both cat and dog populations.  We recommend that all feline and canine pets be neutered if not intended for breeding.  We are happy to discuss with you to determine if it is the right decision for your pet and discuss all aspects of the surgery and aftercare required. We can advise you of the recommended age for neutering your specific animal. Neutering is a day procedure with two follow up post operative checks to ensure a quick and painless recovery.


Cat Boarding

We have purpose built Cat Boarding facilities in our clinic.  Each Boarding Room has ample space for your cat to exercise, climb or lie on a radiator bed if they choose.  By leaving your cat with us, you will be safe in the knowledge that your cat is in the care of veterinary professionals.  The Boarding Rooms are away from the hustle and bustle of our main clinic, ensuring a calm environment and keeping stress to a minimum. We will supply premium cat food during their stay, but if they have any special dietary requirements we will use food you provide to us.  Only fully vaccinated cats are permitted to stay in our Boarding Rooms, this is for the safety of all our feline residents. Please call us to discuss your requirements. 


Dental Care

Dental care is a very important part of your pets overall health.  Dental problems can cause or be caused by other health problems and it is important to identify them early. Dental disease, specifically periodontal disease is the most common ailment affecting pet dogs and cats. The recognition of dental disease is often overlooked, but bad breath is the most common sign of oral disease and the most obvious visual clue is the buildup of tartar on the tooth surface. We advise you to avail of a free dental check with our qualified veterinary nurse to identify early signs of disease.  We have a state of the art dental machine which will have your pets teeth spotless in no time!


Microchipping & Pet Passport

Since 2016 it is mandatory for all dogs to be micro-chipped and registered.  We strongly recommend microchipping of cats too.  Microchipping allows your pet to be quickly returned to you if they are lost/stolen. Animals need a pet passport to travel. They also require a pre-travel check and certification declaring that it is safe for them to do so.  We can issue pet passports, microchip and vaccinate your pet and advise you on travel requirements within Europe. If travelling outside Europe, it is important for you to contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to, to find out what requirements your pet needs prior to travel.

Exotics & Wildlife

We are passionate about wildlife and committed to treating all animals that can withstand rehabilitation.  If you find an injured wild animal please call for advice before moving or attempting to catch the animal. Sometimes intervention is not necessary and it is always best to check first.  We welcome all creatures great and small and are more than happy to examine and treat exotic and smaller pets.


Weight Management Clinics

At our weight clinics we will give you a clear appraisal of your pet’s body condition and recommend a weight loss plan if required. Our veterinary nurse will be on hand to support you through this time and provide tips and tricks to help. The purpose of these clinics is to enable you to keep your pet healthier and active for longer – a worrying 60% of pets are overweight so you are not alone if your pet is in this category. Let us support you in achieving and maintaining your pet at their ideal weight. Our nursing clinics are free of charge but by appointment only so please call us to reserve a place. 


Emergency Care

We provide year round, 24 hour emergency veterinary services. To contact the emergency vet out of hours please call 095 22209 and follow the instructions. 


Nursing Clinics

We offer the following range of nurse clinics, free of charge; 

   – post-operation checks

   – new pet check

   – dental check

   – weight management clinics

These clinics are held by our qualified veterinary nurses, by appointment only. Please call us to reserve a place or to make further enquiries about how we can assist your pet.



Western Veterinary is a family run business and we are dedicated to providing the care and attention to your animals as if they were a member of our own family. And so we are always delighted when our customers let us know how much they appreciate the efforts we make when providing that veterinary care.

“The service at this vets is by far the most professional and caring for both worried owners and furry friends that anyone could hope for! Thanks to Niamh, Silvia and Nollaig for everything”


“They are so lovely and very understanding both with pets and owners. and if you don’t understand something or dose they will tell you in a way you will understand truly lovely people and all who work there.”


“Excellent, kind and efficient when our two dogs needed urgent care on holiday in Clifden over Christmas, much appreciated Niamh. Thank-you”



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