Our Facilities

Western Veterinary has top class facilities to help treat your pet


Here at Western Veterinary we have top-class facilities, ensuring that your pet gets the best care when visiting us.


We have both small animal and large animal ultrasound machines. This equipment is designed to look at soft tissue to aid in a diagnosis. Pregnancy diagnostics are also made using ultrasound.

Blood Machines

We have both hematology and biochemistry blood machines that allow a full general health check in house. These machines check both the function of a patients vital organs and check red blood and white blood cell counts for indicators of disease.


The microscope is an invaluable piece of equipment we use every day to identify skin parasites, examnie what type of urinary crystal a dog has or to evaluate semen quality of a stallion.


Through examination of the urine, we can find evidence of conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, bladder stones and urinary tract infections.

Digital Xray

Our digital x-ray machine provides us with instant high definition images for issues such as broken bones, breathing difficulties or if you pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have we can detect foreign bodies.


Pets with infectious or contagious conditions are placed in isolation, completely separate from our main kennel area. This is to prevent the spread of disease to any other pet patients. Our low stress handling techniques also helps to reduce the level of stress in the patient.

Dental Equipment

We have the newest top of the range Dental machinery. This allows us to perform extractions and clean and polish pets teeth with minimum invasion and in the shortest time possible under anaesthetic.


We have a purpose built cattery which is completely segregated from our dedicated clinic area. This greatly reduces stress in our feline residents and allows them rest and relaxation while boarding with us.


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